We have a growing collection of handmade, scented, unique and of original design candles for any occasion.

Home spa, romantic dinner, family picnic, party with friends, home and garden decoration, housewarming gift or just as a gift.

Find the candle for you and for your moment and create unique moments when burning one of my candles!

Enlight your life and give your home a scented soul!

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Unique Original Design Handmade Candles!

In our collection of candles you will find the perfect gift for any moment.

Materials used:

  • Waxes: paraffin, soy, beeswax, wax from used kitchen oil, paraffin upcycle
  • Dyes: solid, aniline powder, paraffin based dyes (inventory here)
  • Scents/Essences: candle essences, organic and natural essences (inventory here)
  • Wicks: 100% made of cotton lead free, waxed or not, with or without metalic tin
  • Moulds: silicone, latex, policarbonate, metalic, orginal casts created by us
  • Others: carving knife, wood sticks, parchment paper, natural products


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